about Yukarinette-Connector

It is a delivery support application that can make the words you speak into subtitles and even translate. When used in conjunction with Yukarinette, voice-roid voice and subtitles can be linked.

This tool can translate from language A to language B. These languages ​​can be chosen freely. For example, you can translate from English to Japanese.


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What you can do?

  • Translation of words recognized in Yukari-nette can be displayed and synthesized.
  • If you are broadcast by own voice,subtitle synthesis is possible only with UD talk and connection net connectors!
  • You can change the speech recognition engine to UDtalk (AmiVoice Cloud).
    (Of course, you can also use the standard Google recognition engine via Yukarinette.)
  • If you use with machan, you can also import shorthand data.
  • Data recognized as subtitles can be imported into video editing software.
  • We can take out the speech recognition log from the log of Yukari-nette and use it for subtitle creation.
  • Because you can directly pour subtitles into the distribution software OBS, you can deliver beautifully.

Supplementary information

  • We use the paid version of Google / Microsoft translation service for translation.
  • Donation for maintaining the translation API is welcome (pivix FANBOX · note)
  • The monthly operation results for April 2019 are published on fanbox.
  • Please let us know the application examples. We will post on HP and twitter.
  • Some functions are unlocked when you enter the keyword obtained in FANBOX.
  • If you want to replace the voice recognition of Yukari-nette with UDtalk, please select this application (executable file machan_yukarinetteconnector.exe) instead of chrome in the setting of Yukari-nette.
  • If you have any problems or requests please contact twitter @mikasa 231.
  • If the operation is wrong, please try setting → initialization.